Monday, May 26, 2008

Smurf me a new tongue

Nitty-gritty: Pain is about the same, but tolerable (praise God!) with medication around the clock. Attempting to sleep is a daily adventure in patience. This morning's puree: Cinnamon Life and milk - not bad (who am I, Little Mikey all of a sudden?). Next appointment still on Wednesday at 10am with Netterville to examine the open surgical wound. Surgery still scheduled for June 10th at 730am.

Room for laughter, even still ...

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm writing notes or using the computer to communicate. We've all adjusted to this pretty well, but it wasn't exactly a natural transition. When I wrote my first note to Mom, she had already started to write me back when Doug gently reminded her that she could still talk. I would have laughed at her even more than I did if I'd realized what was going on myself. Poor little Emma and Daniel. Bless our hearts.

Terrah and I stumbled upon the last few minutes of a Smurfs episode yesterday. Look! I have cancer, and I'll watch whatever I feel like! Besides, who could blame me for wanting to escape to a land where everything is Smurfy and fluffy little blue creatures sing with glee as they live in perpetual harmony? I wonder how the Smurfs would handle cancer? Naturally, everyone would smurf a hand. Papa would lead a trek to smurf out the best oncologist around. Baker would smurf up some delicious puree. Vanity would smurf a way to resurface my surgical scars. Poet would smurf up clever blog ideas. Handy would probably try to smurf me a new tongue. Right - this could go on forever, and I have digressed in the saddest of ways. My point in venturing into the mushroom village was to share my sweet sister's latest with you. When she heard that Terrah and I had been watching the Smurfs, she quickly began to reminisce about my love for the Smurfs as a young child - she recalled my stuffed Smurf and my Smurf birthday cake and would have gone on, but Terrah interrupted with the question, "Which Smurf was on the cake?" Becky's response? Wait for it ... take a deep breath ... make sure your footing is sure ... if you're diabetic, grab a Lifesaver. Her response? "Well, I'm not sure what its name was, but this one was blue." There aren't enough "bless her hearts" in all the South to cover that one. If anyone is worried about death by cancer, you can relax. Once Becky finds out this made the blog, cancer won't get a chance to kill me.

Room for joy, even still ...

" ... for the joy of the Lord is your strength." -Nehemiah 8:10

Yesterday, at church, our pastor explained this verse in a fresh way. The joy of the Lord is not something we have to worry about going to find or keeping once we find it. In this verse, joy is possessed by the Lord. Joy belongs to the Lord. So, it is His joy, the joy of the Lord, that gives us strength. And, since He never loses His joy, we never lose our strength. Amen.


The Lee Family said...

D- Words can't express how much you mean to the Lee Family! You are in are prayers daily and Samantha and I pray for you every night! Thank you for gracing us with your presence at her birthday party. She is practicing with her microphone so ya'll can do a duet in the near future! She is an amazing "singer". Love you friend-R

Anonymous said...

Daniel you are a friend of a friend. I've never met you but I know that you are very special. I also know that God has great plans for you, even if they are not the plans that you would choose. I pray that you would feel peace in your pain. I pray that your doctors would have wisdom. I pray that you would find enough relief to relax and rest so that you can heal. May this journey end quickly and leave you with wonderful stories of grace, mercy, faith and healing that you may share with your children years from now. God Bless
Betsy Bosch
(Terrah's group)

Amy said...

I nearly smurfed up my Diet Coke reading that. Cancer cannot beat down the humor of P Danny.
Praying for you as always.

WillandMichelle said...

Wow, a BLUE Smurf??? Really, I will have to help Becky get up to date on Smurfology. We are praying for your health and recovery.

Lizzy said...

I can picture myself saying something like that and so I was half laughing, half thinking, "I could've said that" and therefore I just love Becky's blessed little heart!!! You are a wonderful writer, i feel like I am in the room with you when you post these, and i appreciate the updates. You know we love you and always have a room for you if you need one, here at the home of Bandy Bower, Ms. Bower and Bandy Jr.x3. We love you!
ps, did you get my e-mail?

The Bergers in Nevada said...

Your faith is truly amazing. Admirable, authentic. I am so thankful for your honesty. We will be praying for you specifically as we read details on your blog. Thanks for letting us share the burden with you. It is our joy to pray for a brother in Christ, and to read of his inspiring faith along the way.

As I was reading your blog, I couldn't help but remember Lloyd Shadrach's message on what real faith looks like. He used Philip Yancey's definition, that faith is believing in advance what will only make sense in reverse. And you're SOOO there. Thanks for abiding in Christ and letting His faithfulness shine through you.

Grace Today,
Craig and Karen Berger

The Lee Family said...

As one of your fun messages sang, "Onward Christian Soldier!" I can't wait for you to leave your crazt singing messages for us again. Bandy took over this year for the Birthday- they were "entertaining" but not Danielson! (no offense Bandy) So armor up boy, we are right beside and behind you! Cancer has nothing that you and your God can't handle (and you have us!) Bring it! The Lord is Mighty in Battle!