Saturday, July 5, 2008

Technological antique

Phone communication has been restored. Text away my friends. If you've sent me a text in the past few days, though, I didn't get it. Unfortunately, those could not be retrieved. It's a long story that has to do with the fact that I tend to use a phone until it qualifies as a technological antique. I'll stop there, but if you're really curious, Brad has a host of stories to tell in this department, and nothing makes him happier. I'll defer to him. So, I'm on the cutting edge again now (for at least 2-3 weeks, right?) and ready to hear from you.

Electronics are just good for the man's soul. Funny how a new phone can make you forget about those cancer cells for a minute.


t said...

Oh dear - if your old phone was defined as an antique, that means I am carrying around a historical fossil!!! Oh dear. Must go to Verizon asap. Brad will be so impressed.
love! t

Andrea said...

Daniel, I have known you for 12 years, and I have loved you as a Brother in faith the entire time. Many of you may not know me and do not know my story, but Daniel- you have always been a rock to me. You told me at the beginning of 2007, after my husband left and another hospitalization and (all the other stuff...), that I needed to think of my life as a condemned construction site. That I needed to knock it all down and start over- whatever that meant to get me both physically and mentally stronger. Well, it took me a FULL year to be able to have the strength to knock it all down and begin to rebuild. I can not possibly create a picture of the last four years of my life... BUT, I can say this: Daniel, I feel alive again (and it's been a long time as you know). And, I find that my faith in God has never been depleted, but it has been challenged, changed and changes all the time. I can only empathize with you without really understanding, but I know what it is to live with excruciating physical pain every day- that just depletes you physically and mentally. I find myself praying at times that I could have mine(my chronic, daily pain) increase to give you relief... As silly as that is, other than praying - I can tolerate some serious pain! :_} So, other than my prayers, I hope that when I face my day(s) of pain that completely devour me physically and emotionally, I hope that you are experiencing relief. You are an inspiration. Thank you for the life that you lead. Your faith and expression of living has and will always be an inspiration. What you don't know, and should know, is that you teach me and lift me in so many moments, even though you are not physically with me. And, that, my friend- that is Christ in you. May God bless you, as I know he has and is doing. Andrea

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Hope today is a good day! I continue to pray for your healing. Also praying for comfort and peace ( the peace that only He can give--the peace that passeth all understanding ) Holly R.

she b.ware said...

when you can in the next few days, email me.
I am sorry for the distance of time -
prayers you have and anything else from me-
sheila b.

Debbie Cagle said...

Daniel-It is a good day! Thank you for sharing with us your humor and your pain! I am praying that God will heal you and restore you to great health! You keep pressing forward there is a world out here who needs there friend and many who will need your care in the medical field!
Gods blessing to you!
Debbie Cagle

Anonymous said...

Brother, just want you to know that Craig and I are praying for you today. So thankful that we have the amazing privilege to go before our Lord for you.

I read an amazing verse this morning and thought of you! In speaking of King Asa of Judah, 2 Chronicles 16:12 says that he was a wicked man who was severely afflected with a disease, and that "even in his illness he did not seek help from the Lord, but only from the physicians." So interesting... Praise God for physicians, physician's assistants, nurse practitioners,....and on and on. But praise God that we do not seek help SOLELY from them, that we all seek God's mercy and sovereignty for you, that you unlike Asa know that our real help is in Him.

Thanks for reminding me of this over and over again.

In Him,
Karen (and Craig) Berger

Amy said...

I hope there is room for your new phone in your fanny pack.
Luke still prays for you daily.

Gina said...

Jeff and I wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers daily for your speedy recovery.We ask often of you with Mishelle.
God bless you!!!

Jeff & Gina Loveland

Tammy said...

Leave it to you to bring such humor in such trying times. That is what makes you so very special. I had been out of internet access for several days but I checked in with Melissa. I have caught up on your posts and am so thankful that things are better with the "feedings" and that your pain seems in somewhat better control. Carry that fanny pack with pride. I had a patient's daughter who made her custom made "pouches" for her lil buddy! Maybe we can see about that for you! A different one according to the mood of the day :) Keep up the faith dear friend and hang in there. You remain in our prayers daily. The boys send their prayers and love along with ours. With love -- your MS family Tammy