Monday, July 28, 2008

He is here

I apologize for my absence, but last week was a challenging one. The end of treatment is now in sight, though. As of today, I only have 8 radiation treatments to go! I cannot express how that makes me feel. The effects of radiation continue to worsen and take a mental and physical toll. I do believe that God has honored the prayers of so many and made them less harsh than they might have been. I know that many of you have prayed along those lines.

Tonight, I am short of words, but did want to pass on a few thoughts about Father.

When drowning in mucus, He holds me.
When mouth ulcerations blaze, He is here.
When vomiting attacks, He stays till the end.

He is mighty. He is true. He is loving-kind. He is holy. He is worthy of desperate praise. He IS.

I love Him, and I pray for complete healing in my physical body along with the healing of broken lives through His redemptive power.

For those who read these words and have not begun a personal relationship with Jesus, I plead with you to consider embarking on the greatest journey of your life - an everlasting journey. He loves you and wants to walk with you. Don't turn Him away. Read John 3 and Romans 10 - they are great places to start. Talk with a trusted pastor or friend who knows Jesus as Savior. Whatever you do, don't miss out on the biggest truth and greatest love of all time. Only in Him will you find the answers to life's important questions. Only in Him will you find eternal, abundant life.

Continue to pray that I will look to Him more than I do to the end of treatment. He is where my focus must be stayed. He is here. He has never failed. May we trust Him with childlike abandon.

Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid. -Mark 6:50


Rachel said...

Hang in there, Daniel. You are nearing the end of treatments. I am praying for your strength, endurance, and continued peace through this process...and a yucky process it is! Take care.
Rachel McRae

Mom2rayray&colten said...

Only to remind you that I'm hear praying for you everyday.

Colten says his prayers at night and it is the most precious thing you will hear. He says, " God please raise up Uncle Daniel and heal him. Please let everybody not be sick." Colten has heard someone else pray that so many times that he has picked it up.
He starts kindergarten in a few days and I pray for the teachers to be ready for him. LOL

You are such a great inspiration to so many and I know your words have touch a lot of lives. I pray that they have a greater relationship with the Savior because of your bravery to tell of His great work. You Glorify Him !!

Thank you for being you!!
Keep up the fight!
I love you,

Biter said...

I am so glad He is with you, and that you are not alone. That you are never alone. Though misery and pain raise their ugly head to try and deceive you, as strong a force as they are. Makes God even more of a balm, an ever-present help in time of struggle. All this mess will be over with soon... the sun is going to shine as bright as you've ever seen it when you come out on the other side of this stretch...breathe in and breathe out... You're getting closer, D.