Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poor Pluto

I think something lighthearted is in order this morning.

I'm not very diligent at keeping up with world events, but I did know that Pluto had lost its status as a planet some time ago. Then, a few days ago as I opened my homepage, I was informed that it would have to undergo a name change, as well. Isn't losing planet status enough? Apparently, it will now be referred to as "a plutoid." Not even a proper name. These people don't know when to stop. Poor Pluto.

There isn't a lot of news on the medical front today. Here are the highlights:

1. Radiation, as previously posted, begins Monday, June 23rd. I am scheduled for 33 treatments total. They will last about 25 minutes each.
2. A new chemotherapy regimen, which will be administered at least twice during the course of my radiation treatments, begins on Tuesday. On that day, I will have radiation and a six hour chemotherapy infusion.

Pray for:
God's glorification - may His grace be experienced by many as a result of my struggle.
Healing - He is able to restore me completely.
Courage - that I would abandon myself to Him anew each morning.

I love you all and thank you for walking with me during these hard times. I cherish every ounce of encouragement you offer.


XieXie said...

Ok, so Pluto is pretty random. Is the medicine finally getting to you? ...randomness is my department. Shanle and I continue our fervent prayers for you multiple times per day. I've also enlisted most of the guys at work to pray for you regularly. I'm even forcing them to read the blog. It will be nice to have that long overdue phone conversation at some point soon, so why don't we kick the cancer in the butt. We may be even past a phone conversation. I might have to apply for a visa and come to Allred. shay

Anonymous said...

Daniel you make me smile! We are still praying and thinking of you constantly!

CCC said...

You just made me laugh so hard! I'm with you - poor Pluto! Just so you know, I've shared your blog with multiple people on my e-mail list. Do you remember Amanda Biggers from college? She was from Selmer and we grew up together. Anyway, she remembers you and said she's praying for you too! So, you've got tons of friends praying! What a testimony to prayer we'll have once you are healed!!!
Much love, CCC

jenpinkner said...

I love the phrasing of the courage to abandon yourself anew to Him every morning. That is my prayer for you as addition to healing. Shay always has to give you a problem about Allred:).

Jo said...

Your Awesome!! You always was at Alpine, so many years ago. Your words are very powerful. You have always been one of God's children and I believe he has plans for you. I read your blog daily and keep you in my prayers. Stay strong and keep praying. Jogenna

Anonymous said...

Well they could always call it "goofey"! Which makes me goofey a dog or a horse?? Good to hear you on a lighter side today. My prayers are with you and each day that I check on you I find you grow more amazing with each obstacle your faced with. Keep the faith. Pacesetter nurse Wanda ( everyone one here sends their blessing and prayers)

t said...

I went to Fido this morning - coffee houses always make me think of you, which is weird considering you don't like coffee at all! BUT, I did see a Naked berry juice that you love. :) I'm saving a seat at Fido for you when you are all better - first, I'll make you order my single, nonfat, extra hot, easy white mocha with no whip (for my own entertainment of course), and then you can read the newspaper to catch up on world events and see how plutoid is doing. You also have lots of writing to do, and we'll even bring Sasquatch so he can start studying for his doctorate!! Until then, know we are all praying for you and are with you in every step of this journey.

2 Sam. 22:29-30 You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light. With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.

Love, T

becarroll123 said...

Classic Daniel....evaluating the plight of the Plutoid. Wonder how the Plutoidians are feeling 'bout now, huh? In reading "classic Daniel" I'm reminded that God is so good and He is using you in so many ways....always has. We continue to be touched by your honesty and strength. You are a vessel!!!! Let's text again soon if/when you feel like it. Love and miss you. -E

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I just read your last post about fear and wanted to pass along something from a conversation I had today. My friend reminded me that not only is He there in the future that we fear, but He is GOOD. And he is not there just for the good of everyone else, but He is there for OUR good. Your posts are always such an encouragement! Still praying! Amy

Ellen said...

There are many times I read your posts & I feel like I'm right there beside you. Your personality is right on the pages. Keep it up! When I was a chaplain, you are the type of patient I was amazed by. Struggling with a diganosis & having to endure an illness unexpectedly, but claiming your faith in God & expecting nothing less from Him than His best. Praying for your jorney.

Leah said...

Daniel, I'll definitely be lifting you up in prayer next week. You can always make folks laugh, even when you are under stress. What a gift. Shay is clearly still onging to go to Allred, even after all these years! :o) Love you,


amy y. said...

We are so proud of you for the way you are glorifying God through your cancer! We are praying for you daily! I just figured out how to leave a message....I am so old!! Anyway...You go our brother we are all behind you!
Amy,Todd,Sadie,& Macy Young

Tiffany Madish said...

Hello Daniel, you do not know me, but I remember you well. I was present on the day you were given your diagnosis of cancer. I will never forget when you walked through the door on that fateful Friday afternoon. I knew in my heart and my mind the dreadful news that was going to be shared with you, and that would change the rest of your life. You see, my name is Tiffany Madish, and I work for the oral surgeon who rendered the news of your cancer. I will never forget the look on your face as you came of the examination room and the doctor asked you if you would like for me to call Vanderbilt and set up an appointment to see one of three oncology specialists that he recommended. My heart went out to you, and I wanted to embrace you at that moment. However, I had to remain professional and maintain my composure. I am 34 years old, and I cannot imagine receiving the news you did on that day.
To help you remember who I am, you also called the office and had me try and fax your clinical notes to your workplace, and we couldn't figure out if they were received and lost or just didn't go through, so when you came by the office, I made copies for you.
So, I found out today through the grapevine about your blog, and I have read from the very beginning about your journey. I have shed tears, I have laughed, and I commend you for your strength, your courage, and your spirit. Isn't God wonderful for providing you with so many loving, wonderful, friends and family?
Your unwavering faith and testimony throughout what God has placed before you leaves me thankful to know that He is my Savior. To read your words helps to reaffirm my faith and walk with the Lord, Jesus Christ.
I thank you for your kindness, determination, and your ability to express your vulnerabilities so openly to those who don't understand or who have never experienced what you are going through.
You have no idea how many people you may be reaching through your blog, and that with your story you will change lives, and people will come to Christ.
We often speak of you at the office and wonder how you are doing. I'm glad that I will have an opportunity now to keep informed.
With your permission, I would love to share your story, so that I can get even more people praying for you and your recovery.
I want you to know that I will be praying for you daily, and especially since you are about to start a new treatment regimen. I pray that God will hold you, protect you, and that through Him, you will not suffer and that you will heal.
If you are interested in contacting me and would like to know how I found out about your blog, please feel free to contact me at:

I hope you continue to feel better and your healing progresses. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Heather Burgiss said...

I love that you have blessed us with the lighter side today. How nice of you to distinguish Pluto in his time of uncertainty. Daniel, you are so gifted with your words. You have no idea how many people you are uplifting with your blog. I have shared it with so many. People can not get over your faith, your positive energy, and your candid portrait of your life moments. We love you and continue to pray for you boldly. Now, about that visa to Allred?
Take Care, Heather

Anonymous said...


So good to hear that we are making some progress with the treatments. You are truly one of God's children. Your strength and unwaivering faith amaze me. I truly feel that God is using you and your illness to reach out to others....just as I believe He will heal you to let others see that His love for us is real and more powerful than any chemo and radiation treatments. You continue to be in my daily thoughts and prayers. Keep up the faith....Shelia