Saturday, June 28, 2008


Daniel's feeding tube placement went well. He posted Wednesday that this is a "simple procedure," but seeing him in recovery made me realize that his idea of simple is from a nurse practitioner's point of view! He was in recovery for about six hours as we waited for a room. One of the nurses explained to me that patients who will be staying in the hospital for longer periods of time receive first priority and that PEG tube patients just have to wait. Of course, I wasn't happy about that, and the nurse explained that she and her supervisor are working on getting that policy changed. During one of Daniel's cognizant moments, I told him what the nurse had said, and in typical Daniel fashion, he said, "That's fair." Unbelievable!

We were taken to an observation room for the night, and when Daniel feels better, maybe he'll share some of the humor about our meager accommodations. I must say, though, that he could not have received better treatment or had a more caring, competent staff. Never one to miss an opportunity, Daniel talked with several of his nurses and doctors about the Lord. Three nurses said they were Christians, and their faith certainly brought joy to me, and he was blessed by it as well.

As planned, Daniel was discharged on Friday around 11:00 a.m., and then we went to radiation for his fifth treatment. He is beginning to experience some side-effects such as skin irritation and pain in his mouth. The trade-off is that his pain from the cancer has diminished a little, which we're thankful for.

Daniel has rested for most of the day, which is another blessing. Hopefully, he will feel better soon and be able to inspire us again with his words.

We covet your continued prayers for his healing and for his side-effects to be minimal. All of you are a gift not only to Daniel but to his whole family.

God bless,



pennypeek said...

Daniel, I am a friend of Doug's. We worked together for several years at Rickman Elementary. I've never met you but after today, I feel like I know you. I had heard about your blog but hadn't known how to get to it until yesterday. I have spent a lot of time today reading every single entry. You are a very talented writer. You have such a way of expressing youself with words. What a talent!! I have prayed for you several times today!! At 2:10 today I felt so compeled to pray for your pain to stop if you were in it and for you to be able to sleep. I pray that the Lord's will be done in your life. He is using you right now in such a mighty way. As Christians on this earth, our goal is to do the will of our Father. Sometimes that isn't easy but His life on earth wasn't either. Remember the Jeremy Camp song, "I Am Nothing". We are truly nothing without His love and His touch. Even Jesus prayed that this cup would pass from Him but not His will be done but His Father's. I certainly pray that this cup will pass from you, but I can tell by your entries you want the will of the Father. You are truly a blessing to others. By the way Sasquatch (I love that), is not too bad a guy either!! Love in Christ, Penny Peek

Mom2rayray&colten said...

Tell Doug I said thank you for updating us on your behalf... I think the not knowing how you are doing is worse than knowing sometimes.
I'm glad to hear that some of the pain is better but knowing you, I bet it is worse than you let on.
I will pray a special prayer tonight at church on your behalf asking the Lord to lift you up high and give you the relief you need.
I did the favor you ask of me... For the record it was really hard but I assure you, you were worth it. I hope you can rest a little easier knowing that, that was taken care of.
Our choir special to day was "We Speak to Nations" it reminded me of you and God's work you are doing even with this illness. If we could all rise up and be so dedicated to spread His word what a wonderful place this would be.

Keep up the fight!!!!


Marge Rios said...

Good morning, Daniel!!! What a great brother you have to help you with your blog! So glad to know how things are going and hope you will have a good week! Do they let you have July Fourth off?!
May God continue to hold you in His hands!!!
M. Rios

Anonymous said...


Been thinking about and praying for you extra special over the past few days. Its amazing how your story is bringing people together- God has a plan in all of this madness. Your faithfulness is inspiring. I shared your story with some of my older youth this past week on our high school missions trip to Denver. They were very moved by your story and will likely be visiting your blog. I'm praying for peace and rest beyond what you can imagine.

1 Thessalonians 2:8

becarroll123 said...

Hey dearest Daniel.....As has become custom, you are heavy on the hearts of the Carroll household tonight. We love you and are praying steadily for you. Betsy and I are going to be getting together soon and the plan is that she and I pray in union for you. Have a blessed week of peace and hopefully restful sleep.

Jennifer said...

Daniel, you are continually in my prayers.