Friday, September 26, 2008


When the doctor came in to tell us about yesterday's test results (which were pretty good - some white cells but no bacteria in the fluid), the news was overshadowed by the fact that they found two new spots of cancer in his hip. This is heartbreaking because it means that "the cancer is behaving badly" in the words of the doctor. He will have more CT scans today to rule out infection in his chest, abdomen, and pelvis; obviously, they will be looking for other tumors as well. Daniel will also have an ultrasound of his legs to rule out blood clots as a possible source of infection.

The most pressing matter is to find and fight the infection in his body. If infection is found in the hip, then the question will be whether to fight it with antibiotics alone or to go back to surgery. If surgery is not required, Daniel can begin chemo soon; however, if surgery becomes necessary, chemo will have to be started later. If the infection is elsewhere, I suppose antibiotics will be the method of treatment.

Our hearts are heavy today, but we must continue to fight with Daniel. He is determined. He wants to continue cancer treatment. We want what he wants. PLEASE stand with us in prayer!

God bless you all as you have blessed us.



Anonymous said...

As always you have my prayers and Kelly's as well. Keep fighting. All my love and support Daniel. Wishing you the best.

Mark & Kelly Shrout

Melissa said...

We are with you and love you as you fight this battle! Melissa G Smith

Tiffany Madish said...

Doug, I stand with you and share in your heartache. I offer Daniel and your family love, support,and encouragement. Most importantly, I lift each of you up in prayer, and ask that God carry each of you and embrace you during this time.
Tiffany Madish

debbie cagle said...

Doug, Daniel, & Family,
We are here with you and I know God hears our prayers! We will continue to lift Daniel and family up
I know you do not feel alone, your faith along with Daniel's is amazing !!
Keep pressing on !
Debbie Cagle & family

Kim Gehrke said...

God answers prayers, so we will keep praying for comfort and healing. If you can find the song, please listen to The Inspirations "If You Only Knew". I hope it will touch your heart like it has mine. My prayers are with you all. God is STILL in control.

Mom2rayray&colten said...

My dad told me something yesterday that got me thinking. He ask the question had I been praying for a cure? I had only been praying for the ones that I new of that were sick. So I ask we all pray for a cure for this terrible cancer that is infecting so many around us. Just here in my small town there is at least 15 cases. It is so gut wrenching.
Daniel I still lift you up and your family as you take on this BEAST!
I love you. MUH

Anonymous said...

Doug, Daniel, and family,
You all are in our thoughts prayers. You are on the Prayer List at Summerfield and here at our school too. We are inspired by your determination and faith. Continue to know that we are pleading for you with the Father and He really does know best. We pray that you will get lots of rest and pain relief.

Anonymous said...

Doug, we are praying for Daniel and each of you this evening. May God wrap his huge hand around your wonderful family as you stand by Daniel in these days of pain.
Wayne and Carrie Causey

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you don't know me and I heard of you only just today through one of your friends (Heather) who asked us to pray for you. I have read your blog. I have prayed for you and will be praying for you.

You are right, God can certainly heal you completely if He chooses to do so. The great news is that God has never made an incorrect choice. What an amazing thing that your ultimate caretaker is perfect!

My heart goes out to you and your family. I cannot imagine how hard this struggle has been and will be. I join you in praying for His will to be done with an outcome to glorify Him. Your blog has given me much to think about. Thank you for sharing all of this.

Your sister in Christ

Anonymous said...

Praying since learning about your diagnosis and blog from your friend, Teran. Will continue to read the site and pray for you and your family.