Friday, September 5, 2008

Big praise!

Robert's surgery went so smoothly - listen to this big praise. He didn't even require any tongue reconstruction. There was no need for a flap or graft! He is eating today already!!! Thanks for your prayers and praise our gracious Papa!

Enjoy this blessed day,


ashley said...


robert marascalco said...

Praise HIM !!!!! all day I have been. Our God is an AWESOME GOD !!!! thank each of you for your prayer and support. Robert

Richard said...


Yes, Praise the Lord! I just wanted to let you know that the courage, strength, and faith that you have received from the Lord are an inspiration for many!

I must admit that when I read of the change in direction of your condition, I was very sad! However, after some reflection and after seeing how you are handling this, it all became so clear. You WIN either way due to your faith in Christ. What a wonderful blessing you have to know that God is in control.

Keep up the faith!

Greetings from the Barnabas Class at Macedonia Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC.

Yours in Christ,

Richard Bishop

Lynnette White said...

Wow!!! Our God is Good!!!! I am so thankful for Robert's success. What a blessing. Praise God!


Tammy said...

Such good news about Robert! Praise God. Thanks for sharing his good news. I know that is what we have all been praying for. God is good. Hang in there and keep the FAITH.
In Him
Tammy and your MS family

robert marascalco said...

I am home now and doing well. I have been praying for you for a while this morning and no I don't feel sadness for you. I know He is going to heal you brother. Thank you for being strong and to show me the right way to approach this illness that we both are facing. God put you in my life to teach me and I am thankful for that Daniel. Now I pray that I can be some comfort and blessingto you. Ilove you brother and pray that you will fell good today. Robert

Marge Rios said...

Thhinking of you this morning, Daniel!!! Be well and have a wonderful day!
M. Rios

Anonymous said...


You are an inspiration to all.... When you wondered what people think of when they heard your name, I reflected on some fond memories from years ago. It is your inspiration, your praise of the Lord, and your courage that I think of. Well, those things, and the sweet friend from high school who always made me laugh.

Erica (Greenwood) Rawdon

Travis said...

"It is Well with My Soul" was one of the songs we sang today at church. It has always been one of my favorite hymns. It is amazing that the writer of the hymn could write it after so much tragedy in his life. I immediately thought of you! For me there is no other song that could describe your act of faith throughout this process than this one! Thank you for sharing your faith. It has strengthened me! We love you Daniel and are continually praying for you! Beth & Travis

Biter said...

That is wonderful for Robert! SUCH Amazing News! I know he is so grateful to have you, Daniel, to be the encouragement you are in the midst of this ordeal that neither one of you could have imagined.

Shanle said...

Daniel, I read this this morning and God reminded me of you. "In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world." John 16:33

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel,Hope it has been a good day! You have been in my heart today and I've been praying all day for healing,peace, comfort and strength. (Luke 12:32) Holly