Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Come forth as gold

Since I last updated you on Daniel's condition, he's been tested once again. On Sunday morning, he began having excruciating pain in his hip and leg, he had a fever, and his output was scant despite having had several liters of fluid. I spoke with Dr. Gilbert who was concerned that Daniel might be in renal failure. (Thankfully, that was not the case.) She suggested we take him to the ER at Vanderbilt and said he would need to be admitted for hydration and tests. We went through the whole ER process, and Daniel was admitted to the hospital late Sunday night.

Since that time, his doctors have done a number of tests to determine if/where he has infection in his body. There has been some disagreement among them, but they finally decided that Daniel should undergo a procedure today to remove some of the fluid that has collected in his hip since his surgery. They can see several pockets of fluid on CT scan, but they aren't sure if it is abscess or just normal post surgery change.

Unfortunately, the procedure was not a complete success today. The radiologist was only able to withdraw a small amount of blood from the hip joint. He told me sometimes the fluid is so thick it cannot be removed with this procedure. They may try another method using a CT scan along with bigger needles than he used today in x-ray. He did send the blood to the lab to be cultured, but he doesn't really expect to get a definitive answer this way. He said surgery may be the only option to remove the infection completely along with more antibiotics. (The surgeon doesn't think the fluid in the hip is infection; we'll have to wait and see.)

While in the hospital, Daniel has continued to have periodic high fevers - one as high as 104.2. His pain level has been off the charts at times, but it is better controlled right now. Since he is feeling so bad and is sleeping much of the time, he has not asked for visitors yet. He hopes to be better soon so that he can see his friends and family.

Prayer requests:
1. healing
2. pain control
3. less time asleep so he can communicate better (He really wants this.)
4. Mr. Carroll
5. God to be glorified

Just so you know, Daniel hasn't given up. He's being tried, but his faith remains strong.

God's best to you all,


"But He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold." -Job 23:10


Stacey said...

We're praying for you every morning over here. We are especially burdened to pray for the pain you're experiencing. We love you...
Stacey, Elijah and Olivia

Tiffany Madish said...

Doug, I'm so sorry to hear that Daniel has been experiencing such pain and discomfort. Please let him know that I'm continually thinking of him and praying for him. And, as always thank you for the update. I'm also keeping you and your entire family in my prayers.
Tiffany Madish

t said...

Daniel, Know we're not giving up, and I am praying for you. I'm sure your physical body is tired, but I know "you" are still strong, solid, and amazing! Cancer will never get big enough to change that.
You are not alone. We link our hearts and spirits together with yours, and most of all, God is with you in every moment.
I pray that your pain will be removed. With God as your attending physician, I pray He grants extra wisdom to your doctors and guides each member of your medical team.
Love you muchly, T

Anonymous said...

My heart, prayers and thoughts are constantly with you..Jenny

Anonymous said...

Dearest Daniel,
We, along with our church family, are praying for you. Please know that I am sending you encouragement, strength, support, and lots of love from South Carolina.

I love you....

Michele McManus Howard

ashley said...

Zechariah 9:12
Your stronghold of hope is evident and God will restore double to you! Daniel I am on my knees in prayer for you. I BELIEVE my brother!
I love you

debbie said...

Daniel,I am so amazed at the network of people who are going to the throne on your behalf. My prayers are with you for no pain anywhere in your body. You keep pressing on !!! My sister in law only knows you from your blog, she was at the dentist last week in brentwood and the hygienist was talking to her about a young man they had been praying for who has a blog, well, she said is his name Daniel ! So I know you are prayed for all over Tennessee and many other states. We are believing for great and mighty things to take place !
Debbie Cagle

JenP said...

May God give each of you grace today in exhaustion, pain, questions.
Jen PInkner

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Doug and family, our God is an aewsome God and I pray for Daniels healing and miracles to happen in Dainels healings. Prayers and strenght to you all. Nancy Tobola

Tammy said...

Doug, Daniel and family,
Sometimes words just can't express our feelings. Please know that you are ALL in our thoughts and prayers all throughout the day. I pray for less pain for you, Daniel, and for you to be able to be awake more to communicate with your dear family and friends. I pray that your body can be completely healed if it is God's will and of course, for God to be glorified. We continue to pray for Mr. Carroll. We also pray for all of you who are being caretakers, medical staff as well as family. Keep strong, Daniel. We love you.
In Him
Tammy and your MS family

becarroll123 said...

I enjoy reading new and old entries from your blog Daniel. In reading some older entries tonight I came across this line from you and felt like pulling it out for you and your family...."The joy of the Lord is not something we have to worry about going to find or keeping once we find it. Joy is possessed by the Lord. Joy belongs to the Lord. So, it is His joy, the joy of the Lord, that gives us strength. And, since He never loses His joy, we never lose our strength. Amen." I love you and am there in spirit. Love to you Doug, and family as well.