Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Perfect in weakness

My bible highlights certain verses in little boxes with a special caption. I just had one of those moments where I felt like opening to random pages until I found the verse I needed today. Do you ever do that? Have you noticed that it never seems to take long? Mine ended up being in one of those little boxes today ...

The caption says, "God Shines In Our Darkest Moments." The verse says ...

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. -2 Corinthians 12:9

I'm writing a quick note today asking for your prayers. I know you are all praying already, and I feel like a broken record asking. I believe in your prayers, though, and I know you want to know. The second half of yesterday was rough. Today has brought some relief, but I wanted to fill you in on the current challenges. The mucus is about the same, but the mouth sores have been on fire. I have been having to use my numbing medication very frequently. This is particularly disheartening, because I had begun trying to drink some high calorie supplements to help with strengthening. With the sores being more painful, I will have to back off that. I feel like I am making them worse, which will prolong getting back to regular food, and I certainly don't want to do that. Also, I have developed some right hip pain that is no doubt due to sitting in a chair for so much of the day (I have to sleep in a chair due to my mucus and to feed at night).

Please pray for deliverance from these obstacles. I trust what He says - that His power is made perfect in my weakness. I am definitely weak right now, but I know He is sufficient - always more than enough. Thank you for approaching Him on my behalf.

Also, continue to pray for Mr. Carroll. He had his first chemo yesterday. He will have another round today and tomorrow and then a break until next week. Pray that he will not experience difficult side effects.

And, continue to remember my friend, Robert Marascalco. His surgery is scheduled for September 4th. He is in a good deal of pain, but still working. Pray for strength and healing.

Finally, remember my friend Jay's dad, Stan Cross. I believe I mentioned him before. He has lymphoma, not oral cancer, like the others. He is currently undergoing 6-8 months of chemo. Remember him and his family.

Thank you all so very much. You have no idea what your prayers mean to me. I love you, I thank the Father for you, and I hope you are all having a wonderful week.


Tiffany Madish said...

Hello Daniel, I haven't posted in a long while. But, you are thought of daily and I am continually praying for you. Your unrelenting devotion and obedience to Him are such a breath of fresh air, and you set such a wonderful example that I know I need to follow in my walk with Him. Your words help to keep my faith renewed, especially when I feel like I falter at times.
I will continue to pray for your complete healing and relief. I trust in His will and know that He is watching over you and protecting you.
I will also pray for your friends who are going through this similar journey.
Keeping you close to my heart and in prayer.
Tiffany Madish

Anonymous said...

Daniel, So often when I think of you the song "His Strength is Perfect" comes to my mind. Today it was ironic that paticular verse was where God directly you for strength. Your faith and passion for God and living have been such an inspiration. You are in my prayers.
Nancy Bohannon (Astra Zeneca)