Thursday, August 28, 2008

God is in the room

For most of us, yesterday would have been frightening, depressing, and lonely on so many levels - and that's it. But you know Daniel; for him, it was so much more.

As we waited for him to be escorted to surgery, we shared and prayed. We knew God was in the room. The night before we had discussed with Daniel that we would do our best not to cry and carry on as he was taken to the operating room. To remind us of how God likes to work, the lady who came to transport Daniel began praising God as soon as she entered the room. She came earlier than we expected and said the doctor was already waiting for him. She took time, though, to ask if she could say a "word of prayer" first. Quickly, we gathered around Daniel's bed, held hands, and proceeded to hear one of the most heartfelt and beautiful prayers we'd ever heard. Everyone's tensions were eased, and our new friend continued to speak peace to Daniel, Mom, and me as we entered the pre-op holding area. God was in the room.

The anesthesiologists and surgeons were worried that because of Daniel's enlarged neck nodes his airway might be encroached upon, which would make intubation very difficult. The anesthesiologist told us that if Daniel's airway proved to be a problem, he might need to be intubated longer than normal and might even have to spend the night in ICU. Naturally, this was cause for concern, but the anesthesiologist was so personable and thorough that she calmed us quickly. Later news came from the OR that intubation had gone smoothly - no complications. God was in the room.

Waiting for progress reports from the nurse was difficult, but we were blessed to have a whole passel of family and friends supporting us and Daniel here at the hospital and, of course, even more all over the place! Thank you all! After waiting a few hours, we were called to meet with the surgeon. He explained that the surgery went very well with no complications and said that Daniel's hip pain should subside once the surgery pain is gone. God was in the room.

The surgeon said that Daniel will require two to three weeks of focused radiation to the hip to help prevent the tumor's return. He also said he noticed three millimeter-sized spots in Daniel's lungs that had not been seen before. He doesn't know what they represent. We will deal with that later. God will be in the room.

Last night was trying. At one point Daniel told me his pain was as bad as his worst tongue cancer pain, maybe even worse. His pain regimen is being adjusted, and today is a much better day. Those of you who saw Daniel yesterday would be much happier if you saw him today.

Please continue to pray for Daniel's healing. We know that God has all power and CAN heal him completely if He so chooses. I heard Daniel tell someone this week that either way, he wins. While all of us want Daniel to be with us for many years, we know that we have no power over life and death. Daniel has told me more than once this summer that we could die in an accident on the way to the doctor to help me remember that God is always ultimately in control. And, of course, no matter what we face, God will be in the room.

God bless you all for your love and support of our family.

Still trusting,



Deborah said...

That's great news, Doug. Please hug Daniel for me and promise him that God is hearing prayers from St. Louis!

robert marascalco said...

Doug thank you for the update. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you. I pray for a speedy recovery. I look forward to hearing from Daniel soon. Let him know that he is in our hearts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

God is in the room and He will bless you and keep you!
You are in my prayers, Daniel!
Marge Rios

Anonymous said...

You are such a blessing, Daniel! You are in my prayers and thoughts daily.

Numbers 6:24-26

Beth (Hayes) Hooper

Anonymous said...

This week I have prayed peace to your soul and relief from pain and God's will be done in your life and may God receive the glory no matter what. Today I have been singing a song called "I'm a Winner Either Way". I couldn't believe those exact words were ones you had spoken as well. Here are the lyrics:

I'm a winner either way, if I go or if I stay. I'll still have Jesus with by my side. I'll have a healing here below or life forever if I go. Praise the Lord I'm a winner either way.

Daniel, you are such a blessing and your example has allowed me to draw closer in my ownrelationship with my Heavenly Father.
You are continually in my prayers.

Nancy Bohannon (AZ)

Tiffany Madish said...

Doug, I am so glad to hear that Daniel's surgery was successful. Thank you for updating everyone.

Daniel, I am praying for your recovery, relief from your pain, and peace for you. I am also praying that God's presence is felt with your family during this time.

Tiffany Madish

t said...

Praise God for the wonderful day you had today!!! Still constantly praying. I love you, T

Wayne Causey said...

Doug, thanks for bringing us up to date on Daniel. God has been and will be in the room as His children trust Him and walk with Him like you and Daniel are doing. We join our prayers with yours that God will absolutely, 100% heal Daniel of this cancer and end his pain leaving no spots untouched anywhere in His body! We pray God will be exalted through this healing. May God's will be done and His grace continue to abound!
-Wayne and Carrie

mypassionisjesus said...

We Love you dearly Daniel. Thank you so much Doug for keeping us updated. Let us know if anything is needed besides prayer of course.

Staci Dunavant

Amy said...

Beautifully written Doug. It was nice to meet you, though I wish under different circumstances. I too had thought had either outcome is a victory for Daniel. But I pray he's with us for many years to come.

Mom2rayray&colten said...

Oh, Doug to be with you and your family on that day was such a blessing for me. I have struggled what to pray for in Daniel's time of trials and on the day I left I came to a point that it would be for no pain. Before I left I prayed that God would take away the pain and I will continue to pray that prayer. Of course, I will also be praying that if it is in His will that God make a miracle out of Daniel. I know that is what we would all love to see.


Today I went to church and our preacher who is new to us had such a wonderful message and it was inspired by some of your writings from this blog. Daniel you have touched so many people from your trials and how you keep your eyes on Him, it just is so powerful the feeling I get from how strong your relationship is with our Savior. Everyone needs to remember what Jesus went through so that we might live here on this earth and have a relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.
I'm glad you are not in so much pain and I look forward to your uplifting and inspiring writing soon.

Keep Up the Fight!!

heather burgiss said...

Daniel, as I write this I see your smiling face. No pain. This is my prayer for you. You are in our hearts as we lift you up. I am so glad the surgery went well. We love you and continue to send thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Love to you my friend, Heather

Anonymous said...

I heard your story through Rob Ivy and I just want you and your family to know that you are all in my prayers. Just reading a few of you posts I am amazed at the kind of man of God you are. You are bringing God glory as you go through this storm. I'm moved by your faith.

Tammy said...

Doug and Daniel,
Thank you, Doug, for the wonderful post. (Doug, I am Melissa's sister in law and I can not begin to tell you how much being with all of you meant to her and our entire family last week.) God is and was in the room. What a powerful statement! We had the most touching service at church yesterday and very much of it was inspired by the writings from your blog, Daniel. You are touching more lives than you can imagine. God is at work-- really strongly. Lynette and Melissa sang at church and you would have been so proud. Hon (My hubby you know!) was so sorry that he didnt think fast enough to record it for you. God was with them during their message in song. You would have been proud. We are so very thankful to hear that the pain is better. Hopefully each day you will become stronger physically and exhibit a decreasing amount of pain. Your MS family loves you and will continue to pray. Hugs and love to all there...

In Him

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad today is a better day and that there was such a supportive nurse with you. I've thought all weekend about Daniel and your family. You all are in my thoughts and prayers...


Biter said...

Doug THANK YOU for posting. So many sighs of relief for Daniel's surgery, and thank you Lord for that adjustment on the medicine to bring him out of awful pain. We gotta get him well! I'm so proud of Daniel's bravery, and so thankful for God's grace in getting him through this step...


Andrea said...

Daniel, there are so many ways you touch the lives of others. It's been more than 10+ years since we were Orientation Leaders at UT and I feel more lucky to know you today than ever.

I recently read your blog and am truly speechless- not something that happens to me very often, as you know! I am so inspired by your strength and love for God throughout this process. As I was reading, I found myself asking why this would happen- it seems so unfair. Then, it seemed ironic that I was asking these questions and you were providing the inspiration to put our faith in God.

Your sense of humor in some of your entries made me laugh and the realization of your pain made me cry. I'm not sure if there is a right thing to say but I just want you to know that I'm praying for you and your family.

Andrea (Elias) Draper

Ayse1Love said...

Thank you Doug for keeping us posted. I will let others in Sparta who, like myself, pray daily for his recovery. We are sending lots of love and prayers your way!!
God Bless,

Travis said...

While we were camping, Travis and I both woke up throughout the night. While we were awake in our tent, you were on our minds. We were lifting you up in our prayers. May God's healing hands be upon you!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I have really been thinking alot about you and praying for you everyday actually my church has. I can't even imagine what you are going through but I really admire you for your faithfulness that you have. You have really touched my heart and I will continue praying for you.
Love, Ginger Ledford Meredith