Friday, October 3, 2008

Preparation place

Eleven days at Vanderbilt (any hospital, I suppose) is enough to wear on one's nerves! But Daniel handled it well. Some of the rest of us were a bit more caustic - more on that at another time perhaps. At one point, though, after having been asked at least ten times a day to rate his pain level on a scale from 1 to 10, Daniel replied (with raised eyebrow), "At times 3 or 4 or maybe 10! I mean, I dont' really get into the whole scale thing." Even Daniel has his limits!

The doctors never really determined if Daniel had infection in his body or not. At no time was he in renal failure. The bottom line is that they don't really know for sure the source of his fevers. All they could say was that since none of his blood cultures produced anything, most likely he is experiencing tumor fever. Before this visit, we were told his "tumor burden" was not great enough to cause fever, but now that we know he has cancer in other areas of the body, the doctors' opinion has changed.

Daniel was discharged Wednesday afternoon. He's holding his own. He is tired most of the time and is either resting in the recliner or bed, but you'll be glad to know that even though he is hardly speaking right now, with just a glance we know when to get out of his space. You know the look. His pain is well controlled at the moment, and we are all very thankful for that.

As of today, Daniel has taken five of the new chemotherapy pills, and so far we haven't seen any side-effects. We will see Dr. Gilbert again in a couple of weeks for her to assess his situation. We are hoping for progress, of course. Again, she says the people who respond to this drug usually do very well.

Clearly, Daniel is very sick. Dr. Gilbert continues to try chemotherapy because Daniel is young and wants to fight. And even though his medical outlook is grim, he knows where his help comes from. And he trusts Him to be right. Daniel doesn't feel well enough tonight to give me any words for the blog; if he did, though, I know he'd want me to remind you that this world is but a preparation place. In this life, we are only made of clay, but one day we shall be like Him. His question to you would be, "Do you know Jesus?" If you don't, you must not wait to find Him.

Prayer requests:

1. Healing
2. Mucus cessation
3. Continued pain control
4. Ability to eat and drink

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for Daniel's friend Robert. He is doing great!

God's best to you all,


"My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth." -Psalm 121:2


robert and kim said...

Daniel,Doug and family,
We shout and rejoice in the fact that Daniel is home and resting, and his pain is controlled for now. We love you guys and continue to lift you all up daily in our prayers. Thank you all for the inspiration you give to us and all those around you. May God continue to give you strength and peace as well as understanding and acceptance for whatever decisions you all will make no matter how big or small. Robert and I continue to pray for healing of Daniels cancer and pain free days for Daniel as well. Again we love you. Robert and Kim Marascalco

Heather Burgiss said...

Daniel. We are so glad you are home and resting. We are praying for complete healing and will not stop doing so. You continue to be a light and an inspiration. During the day I think of you and send an immediate prayer for you and your family. Know you are loved my brother!
Heather, Sam, and the Burgiss Boys :-)

Anonymous said...

Doug, Daniel, and family;
I have been reading the Daniel blog for several weeks, but I am not sure if I can respond to it correctly. My computer skills are not really suited for blogs. I think of you all, as my brother and sister have both been through long horrendous illnesses. My prayer is for Daniel to have daily enough strength to beat this cancer. Mrs. Janie Byers

Anonymous said...

I don't think you know me (we did meet briefly at one of ella grace's surgeries years ago) but I know SO many who know and love you. My son and I pray for you EVERY night. We pray that He will heal you and our other young friend with cancer. Thank you for your complete confidence in Christ and the challenge for all of us to live that out. You are prayed for. Blessings, Holly Tims wife of Rob Tims Youth Min. at FHBC

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel, Doug, and Family-
I was so very happy to hear that Daniel was able to go home this week. I know he will be much more comfortable there and will hopefully be able to rest better as well. AND, maybe he will no longer be faced with 10 or more questions a day about his pain level. Even after many, many years, I too can recall "the look".

Please know that I think about and pray for Daniel each and every day. My thoughts and love go out to all of you!

Michele McManus Howard

Anonymous said...

Daniel and family
We of the Clift clan want you to know that we are praying constantly for you. You have always been our boy too. Remember the good ole days at Andy Holt Apartments and the fun you all had during the years at UT? We love you and admire the way you are fighting against this cancer. You havw a strong faith and mind to be in Gods will. We would want you to be healed and live til you are 100 years old. Your ole friend (Red Sonia) has everybody she knows praying for you. I would like to think I could be as brave as you, but I know God is in control of all things . We love you!!!!! And ole Red Sonia says,"I will see you again." You have always been special to us. Thank you for sharing your life and illness with us. The Clift Clan....

annette said...

Just sitting here wishing I could give you a big hug, so I thought I'd send you one by this note & tell you how much I love you & your family. Still praying for you. Love, Annette

Nancy Tobola said...

Daniel, Doug and Family, thank you for the updates, I check each day and pray for healing, strength, and gracous love from Our Father who is our protector. May Daniel have continued relief from pain and much needed rest and healing from the chemo pills. You're all still in prayer. As always your friend, Nancy Tobola

JenP said...

Yesterday morning, I helped to lead worship and had you on my heart and mind sending up prayers for you as we sang the truths of God's word. " Mighty to Save" was one of the songs--and "Jesus Blood never fails me." The truth of the gospel of Christ--that he has healed us is overwhelming. I am praying that just as he has brought us from death to abundant life in him through his blood, that he may bring healing in your body--to bring himself glory. May he grant each of you grace today.

Tammy said...

Daniel, Doug and family,
As always, your strength amazes all of us. You ALL remain in our prayers and thoughts here in MS constantly. I am so thankful that you are able to be at home. We are praying that you have relief from pain and that the mucus will be under control soon. We will continue to pray that you be able to eat some and that the chemo will not present any side effects. We pray that you will be lifted up and complete healing be performed if it is God's will. God has and will continue to be glorified thru all that you do, Daniel. I know that is your one and only prayer. You have ALL demonstrated gracefully so much faith and have taught us all how to be better people. Thank you for teaching us and thank you for allowing us to "get on our knees" for you. We love you.
In Him,
Tammy and Your MS Family

Anonymous said...

Doug, Daniel and family,
May God bless your perserverance but most of all your witness and testimony. Please know that we are praying for you and that we are in awe of your strong faith. Our God is so good and faithful and He is and will use this in a great and mighty way for His glory o mighty warrior. Thank you so much for being such a blessing and know that we are fighting with you through prayer. Have a blessed day in Jesus......The Tinkel's

Biter said...


Thinking about you. Just wanted to remind you. I was at a dinner party with lots of our friends, and I had a quiet moment alone where I found myself lighting candles for our table, and you immediately came to my mind and heart in that moment of ritual, begining an evening rich with love and memories about to be made. Love you, Daniel - I keep you close,

Anonymous said...

Daniel-I am thinking of you and praying for you. You are such an amazing person! Jennifer (Hill)

biggee said...

Daniel.. I don't know you dear young man.. but God has placed you on my heart and I am praying daily for you. I believe that Jesus still has "his shingle out" and he is still in the healing business.. I am praying for your healing! Complete Healing!!! God tends to wake me up at 2:00 to 3:00am each nite, and you are first on my mind and on my lips to pray for.. Hang in there buddy.. we love you and want you to know there are lots of people cheering for you.. God loves you!!! and so do we!! Brea DeTrays Mom.. Kim Schields

Mom2rayray&colten said...

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understandings" Prov. 3:5

I still find myself questioning God and why this pain is upon you...coming across this verse it reminded me of how I am wrong in doing so.

I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and know that you are a glorification of Him, our Christ Jesus!!

We pray for you everyday!! I hope that you are resting well and pain is under control.
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time. I have been keeping up with your blog since you were first diagnosed back in may. I work in a dental office and I see this kind of thing often. I also am a preacher and I see God moving ALL the time. There is NOTHING TO HARD FOR GOD!! Keep the faith and focus on Him and HE will help you thru this trial. God Bless. Angela in Texas

Falon Morel said...

Daniel, I am a friend of Justin Cagle. We pray for you very often. About 3 weeks ago my father was diagnosed with the same thing. He is also being treated at Vanderbilt. There has got to be a connection with these 2 cases. God doesn't believe in coincidences. I am praying ferverently for you and my father. Keep your head up, God is going to use your faith to do great things at that hospital. God love you...Falon

Nancy said...

just a note 2 let u know that prayers are continueing for healing, strength and Miracles From Him who has His arms wrapped around u all. In His Precious Name above all names. Nancy Tobola

Anonymous said...

How is Daniel doing? My dental office in Texas have been following him through his treatment. In our thoughts and prayers.
God Bless,
Pecan Park Dental
Arlington, TX

kim and robert marascalco said...

Daniel and Doug, Robert and Iare so torn through this process as to how Robert has so miraculously beat the beast of cancer, and Daniel has been given this horrable beast to burdden. The nurse in me wants to fly there and take on being his private duty home (heart) spiritual nurse. Robert and I would do anything we possibly could to assist him and your family. We want to do anything we can to ease your pain. God blesses us with you and we will continue to try to bless you with lifting you up in our prayers daily. We pray for comfort for you Daniel and our arms to hold you. We do love you and will never give up faith and hope and love for you. Kim and Robert Marascalco

Anonymous said...

Daniel and my family,
My thoughts and prayers are always with you. When you read this, close your eyes and feel a hug from my arms filled with love to You. Your cousin, Lisa Gore

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Doug and Family, You are continually in my thoughts and prayers. May you all have strength, rest, and wonderful miracles. May the powers of our Father work great miracles. Your friend, Nancy Tobola

Anonymous said...

My family and I live just a few miles from your mother and father. I grew up on the West Fork River and have known you and your family all my live. My mother has always kept me informed and up to date. I have aways been very proud of all you have accomplished in your life. I find I am always proud of all the accomplishments our neighbors make. But I feel the lives you have touched with your blog surpasses all your accomplishments. I always thought your music touched so many people but I know now this blog will touch and change so many more lives. My prays are with you.
Gail Norrod